OFADABOY is a representation of a family heritage founded in 2009 by Tobi Fletcher, an original indigene of Ofada town - famous for the production of local Ofada rice - in Ogun State Nigeria. His great-grandfather was among the first set of farmers to plant Ofada rice and the family tradition has been passed on through generations.
OFADABOY is more than just a name; we epitomize tradition. And as a catering company, our brand captures tradition in taste and presentation in order to make local meals tastefully available in a contemporary society.

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Our best traditional servings

Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice options with Meat (Assorted), Beef (Eran), Bush meat, Snail, Smoked Catfish, Fresh Catfish, Ponmo, etc.


Efo Elegushi, Ewedu, White Soup, Afang, Egusi, Vegetable Soup, Efo Riro, Ogbono, Edikayinkong etc.


Fresh Fish (Eja Tutu), Snail (Igbin), Bush meat (Eran 'Gbe), Goat meat pepper soup with Eko etc.


Soup bowls of Seafood Okra, Seafood Ofada, Ofada Sauce, Fisherman Soup, Egusi Soup etc.

Protein Extras

Yo-yo, Turkey, Stewed / Smoked Bbq Chicken, Snail, Cow Leg, Plantain, Peppered Ponmo etc

African Grubs

Asun, Peppered Bush Meat, Fried Yam, Roasted Plantain (Boli), Ebiripo, Ikokore, Plantain etc.

Palm Wine Variants

Palm wine (Pure), Palm Pine (Pineapple variant), Palmo (orange variant), Palm Apple (Apple Variant)


Locally prepared Ofada rice specials

Ofada Classic

Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain

Ofada Premium

Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain, Moi-moi

Ofada Deluxe

Ofada Rice, Snail or Smoked Catfish Or Fresh Catfish or Goat Meat or Turkey/Gizzard, Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain

Ofada Royale

Ofada Rice, Snail or Smoked Catfish and Smoked Fish or Fried Fish or Gizzard and Goat Meat(any 2 of these), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain

Ofada Yo

Ofada Rice, Meat (Assorted), Beef (Eran), Ponmo, Egg (Optional), Plantain, Yo-yo Fish and Prawns

Sea Food Ofada

Ofada Rice, Sea food, Egg (Optional), Plantain, Yo-yo Fish and Prawns


Semovita, Pounded Yam, Eba etc. with soup varieties

Seafood Okro with Snail + Crab + Catfish + Prawns

Banga Soup with Catfish

Edikayikong with Goat Meat

Ogbono with Goat Meat

Eforiro with Goat Meat

Afang with Goat Meat

White Soup with Goat Meat

Fisherman Soup with Prawns, Snail, And Catfish

Afang/Edikayikong/Egusi Soup/Eforiro with Crocker Fish


African varieties of delicious stews & sauce

Tilapia Peppersoup

Smoked Catfish / Croker Fish + Sauce

Full Grasscutter

Full Rabbit (Peppered With Yam)

Isi Ewu


Bush Meat Pepper Soup

Turkey Peppersoup + Unripe Plantain

Point And Kill (Catfish) Classic

Point And Kill (Catfish) Premium

Point And Kill (Catfish) KING SIZE


Goatmeat Peppersoup / Yam And Unripe Plantain


Freshly tapped palm wine with fruit variants

Palm Wine (Pure)

Palm Pine (Pineapple)

Palmo (Orange)

Palm Apple (Apple)


List of Available Options

Seafood Okra 2 Litres

Seafood Ofada 2 Litres

Ofada Sauce 2 Liters

Fisherman Soup 3 Liters

Egusi Soup 2 Liters

Banga Soup 2 Liters

Fisherman Soup 2 Liters


List of Available Options



Stewed / Smoked Bbq Chicken

Premium Snail

Jumbo Snail

Cow Leg


Peppered Ponmo


Moi Moi


Assorted Meats

Goat Meat

Fried Fish: Panla

Fried Fish Croaker

Fresh Catfish


List of Available Options

Garri And Yo-Yo Fish

Fried Pepper Beef

Fish And Prawns Take Away

Smoked Turkey/Smoked Catfish/Peppered Snail + Peppered Ponmo Sauce

Chicken Wings In Lette Sauce (Spicy Or Mild) + Chips / Yam Marita + Plantain

Smoked BBQ Catfish (King Size), Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce

Pepper Snail, Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce

Pepper Gizzard, Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce

Pepper Chicken Wings, Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce

Chicken, Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce

BBQ Crocker Fish, Fried Yam/Potatoe Chips/Plantain/Boli + Peppered Sauce


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Our catering services are designed to assist you in planning for your corporate events, weddings, private parties, birthdays etc. As you prepare for your celebration choose Ofadaboy Catering Services to add a taste African tradition.

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We can cater for every moment of your special day, from providing your guests with a gourd of Palmwine on arrival to serving up a truly African luxurious banquet. We are passionate about taking care of all your catering requirements, so you don’t have to worry about a single detail. Above all, we believe in working with the client to create dishes and menus that are tailored exactly to your culinary needs & cultural expectations. Brochures & quotations are available upon request, please use the contact information below for more inquiries or just to discuss your ideas.


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